We wanted to make canned cocktails like no others … that highlighted our craft spirits and treated us like grownups.

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Goodwin Hill G&T

12 oz. cans / 7% ABV

Goodwin Hill Gin & Tonic has been a hit in our tasting room from Day One. We have dreamed about putting it in cans since we opened our doors. The base of our G & T is our very own house-made gin, which begins with a mash of barley and wheat and ends with a mix of botanicals including juniper, coriander, lemon peel, black pepper, licorice root and angelica root. Combining our robust, grain-forward Goodwin Hill Gin with citrusy tonic and a touch of lime, this bright refreshing drink can be served over ice wherever your travels take you.

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Hibiscus & Lime G&T

12 oz. cans / 7% ABV

Effervescent and bright pink with just enough bite from our Goodwin Hill Gin, this balanced canned cocktail has both the floral sweetness of lime and hibiscus. Its dry finish leaves you thirsty for another sip, whether on the beach or in the mountains- this flavorful G&T is perfect wherever you find yourself.


Lemon + Ginger Gin & Juice

12 oz. cans / 7% ABV

Bold, refreshing, fizzy, lemony, with a hint of ginger heat in the finish, mixed and mingled with our house made gin, this cocktail is the legit shizzz-nit.